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Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and profound form of bodywork, which considers man as a whole and supports the self-regulation of the body. Involuntary forces are activated by excitation of the craniosacral system. Through targeted support and strengthening of resources, a positive change can be introduced to create harmony and balance. This treatment can be used in people of all ages.

Course of treatment

  •   A preliminary discussion creates a first contact in the craniosacral treatment and provides space concerns, wishes or expectations.
    In comfortable clothing, the client lies on a massage lounger. Alternatively, a sitting or moving treatment can be performed.
  •     Very careful, free of value and sensitive, contact is made.
  •     The craniosacral handles are gentle and non-invasive, so the natural rhythms can be adjusted again.
  •     The therapy can be accompanied verbally or in peace.
  •     The sessions are focused on health and self-healing.
  •     A treatment usually takes 60 minutes.


Proven indications

  •   Support in stressful life situations
  •     Rehabilitation after illness or accident
  •     Spinning, falling and compressive trauma
  •     Regulation of the movement apparatus, the organs, the lymph system, the hormonal system, the vegetative and central nervous system
  •     Sleep problems, exhaustion, depression
  •     Stress-related discomfort, burnout syndrome
  •     Disorders of the immune system
  •     menstrual cramps
  •     Pregnancy and birth support

Accompanying to medical care

  • Chronic pain
  •     indigestion
  •     Headache and migraine
  •     Sinusitis and tinnitus
  •     Orthopedic problems
  •     Spinal, muscular and joint diseases
  •     Orthodontic problems
  •     Asthma, allergies and skin diseases
  •     Changes in the brain and spinal cord
  •     Psychosomatic complaints

Please note
If you have any questions or doubts regarding the indications and fields of application, please feel free to contact me.


Craniosacral Therapeutin

Kristin Nieger, dipl. Qi Gong und Craniosacral Therapeutin i.A.

Dauer einer Sitzung: ungefähr 60-75 Minuten

Kosten: Fr. 110.- / Sitzung